The LSS-SL in the Helicopter Sling-Load Space

Vita’s LSS Sling Load (LSS-SL) is an LSS configured for heavy load operations. The LSS-SL offers increased thrust and weight capacity, additional attachment points, and an installed weight-bearing tensile beam, all of which contribute to its ability to handle construction-level loads. The technology will offer greater efficiency, an increased operational envelope, and greater safety abilities. The control mechanisms offered by the LSS will provide helicopter operations with more working capacity due to higher safety in adverse weather conditions, enable helicopter operators to have greater control over the load, and facilitate quicker operations and thereby allow more load movement to occur in a day.

This animation demonstrates the use case for the LSS-SL within the Helicopter Sling Load space.

Examples of Potential Application

Helicopter Sling Load Operations for Construction

As demonstrated in the animation above, the LSS-SL is able to assist in the precision placement of heavy loads. This allows for more efficient load placements that reduce pilot stress and crew work-load. The device affords operators the ability to work in more variable conditions, and allows for reduced operation time. Along with these money and time saving factors is the increased safety for the crew on the ground and in the helicopter.

The LSS-SL is diversely applicable, and can be fitted to any existing helicopter Sling-load platforms


Helicopters are limited in their operations as they are unable to precisely drop due to the swinging nature of their equipment. They cannot protect a specific residence or a trapped fire crew, as their drops are not precise enough when following a flight line. This line can be very long based on the size of the payload. Vita’s technology would attach above the load of water or retardant that the helicopter is carrying. Upon identifying the location for the drop, the technology would leverage its control ability to manipulate the load over the precise location which needs the drop.

Logging Operations

Logs swinging in the air are inherently dangerous. Vita’s technology can stabilize the logs to solve this problem and ensure that no injuries occur to employees. Additionally, the use of Vita’s technology will provide for faster operations, because there will be no need to attach a tag line or wait in hover for the logs to stop swinging.

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