Vita Inclinata is showcasing the Load Stability System (LSS) for the first time in Aberdeen, Scotland to the Oil and Gas Industry. Vita’s LSS will enable the industry to move towards a hands-off approach during lifting operations. A 1998 Health and Safety Laboratory report shows that 41% of the injuries on oil rigs occur due to lifting operations and swinging loads. Currently, ground crew are required to stay in the safety zone during lifting operations until the load reaches waist height, at which point they push the load to maneuver it into place.

John Hare presents a compelling case study in the his article in Underlying Causes of Offshore Incidents. “A 15 tonne section of a wind turbine was being craned into position when it swung and stuck the IP, who was part of a team of three that was guiding the load. The lifting procedures in place were insufficient to prevent this injury; the IP should not have been allowed to work in a position where he could have been struck by the suspended load.” This is a systemic issue that Vita has set out to solve with the LSS.

Vita is looking to enable the Oil and Gas Industry to take the hands-off approach during lifting operations, bringing safety and efficiency to these dangerous operations. The groundbreaking technology that brings enables this new level of safety and the team who designed it will be in the US Pavilion, booth 1A46. Stop by to see how the LSS will transform the industry.